Baltimore Gun Club – Apollo

Interview with Queensland band Baltimore Gun Club - GoldCoast, Brisbane

I recently got the chance to chat with Baltimore Gun Club to find out a bit about what they are up to. You can check out what they had to say and watch their video clip below, and you can also get yourselves some goodies by helping them get their upcoming album pressed via the Pozible link…

Ok, first up: who is in the band, what do they do and how long have you been together?
We’ve been playing live since 2013. Band members are –
Psymon: guitar, vocals & banter
Hryma: bass, vocals & artist extraordinaire
Christian Condon aka Ronnie: drums, English sensibilities & dry wit

I’m curious about the origin of the band’s name?
Psymon: our name comes from an 1865 novel by Jules Verne called “From the Earth to the Moon”. It tells the story of The Baltimore Gun Club, a post- Civil War society of veterans who attempt to build an enormous rocket to launch three people to the moon.

For anyone who hasn’t heard you yet, how would you describe your sound?
Psymon: loud! Haha ummm, we didn’t really know how to describe it properly so we coined the term “GRONER” – it’s a combination of Grunge, Rock & Stoner

Which other bands and performers have been the biggest influence on you?
Ronnie: The general influences of the band are the Melvins, Sabbath, Helmet, Led Zeppelin, Queens of The Stone Age and Nirvana.
Psymon: ….oh and women….yeah….women.
Ronnie: We all have different influences as musicians, which is why we work well as a team. It also makes the music more original because Psymon would write a song with his idea and influences in mind, Nirvana, and Queens of the Stone Age. Then Ronnie I would add my drum influences such as Ozzy Osbourne and Blink 182, and Hyrma would add his Primus bass style. This could change the song into something different. But we never try not to force a new song, we just jam one out naturally!

What was your favourite gig to date and why?
Psymon: Probably when we headlined a venue called Karova in Ballarat, Victoria last year. It is an amazing place, and a mind blowing turnout for us. We had just done an interview on a local radio station and had to rush to the venue to make it on time – that was a memorable one. Oh and the one in Queensland where we dressed up as sumo wrestlers & unicorns and people jumped onstage and fed us beer hahaha.

You have just released the video for the single “Apollo” and it’s awesome. Can you tell us a bit about the single and the making of the video?
Hryma: Thank you. Whilst Ronnie was away visiting the motherland, it gave a good opportunity to work on other BGC related ideas.

‘APOLLO’ being the first song mixed, I decided I would attempt a fully animated clip. Initially it was going to be random animations, but once I got into it, it seemed wiser and just as time consuming to do it as a story.

‘APOLLO’ conjures up ideas of space, so it was only logical for the story to be. I’m a huge fan of hand animated cartoons, so I drew as much as I could, in the time I had (every hour away from work for three months was spent animating).

I coloured it in Photoshop, animated it in After Effects, and would you believe, edited it in Windows Movie Maker! My mate Stu helped out a little too, colouring some, and he designed ‘Planet Girl’.

I wanted it to be a surprise, so I didn’t show Psymon until it was practically finished, and Ronnie didn’t see it until it was finished. We put it up on Youtube, and to our surprise a week and a half later it was on Rage!

Great stuff. Your upcoming album Innerspace has been recorded and mastered: can you tell us a bit about the recording process and what to expect from the album.
Psymon: We headed out to The Darling Downs and recorded at Shift Studios with Jeff Lester, an award winning Canadian engineer. We wanted to have an emphasis working with analogue gear to capture our sound.

We used a lot of vintage microphones, pre-amps, instruments and effects. The environment out there was so relaxing. We managed to finish 10 tracks in 4 days. Apparently that was some sort of record for Jeff, I suppose it was for us too as it was our first album.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign through pozible  – here – to raise the funds to press our album on CD and Vinyl. After funding the recording and mastering ourselves, crowdfunding was the only way we could raise enough money to physically press the album. We want to remain an independent band and involve our friends/family & fans in everything we do.

Hopefully people will enjoy what we have created! Thankfully we are receiving a lot of positive feedback!

What would be your dream concert to play?
Psymon: Every concert is like a dream because I’m usually drunk.
Hryma: Every concert is like a nightmare because Psymon is usually drunk! hAhahahah
Ronnie: The band shares the same type of dream, which is for as many people to hear our music as possible, which is why we play loud hahah! We love playing live gigs and the bigger the occasion the better!
Hyrma: A desert Fest, near a dried out swimming pool being skated, whilst we play at its edge, ala 90’s.
Psymon: Dream Concert? The next one!

What are your plans for the future
Psymon: We are focusing on releasing the album at the moment and distributing it as far and wide as we can. We are working on a film clip for our second single and booking dates for an Australian East Coast album tour in September/October. Then we go back into the studio for album number two!


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