Gig Guide April 15th to 21st

Ultimate Gold Coast Gig Guide April 15th to April 21st 2016

Gold Coast Gig Guide: Live Music & Nightclubs

The Lonestar Tavern has another evening of free live music on Saturday: this week it’s Metal Monkey night. Bands playing are Lavidius, Killer’s Creed, Desmantra and The Cilikis. It starts at 8pm and yes, it’s free entry.

Byron Bay’s Jesse Morris Band play a few Gold Coast shows this weekend: you can catch them at NightQuarter on Friday, Boardriders Coolangatta on Saturday and Broadbeach Markets on Sunday. NZ/US artist Julian Temple will also be playing these events.

Lastly, The Blurst of Times Festival is on this Saturday in Brisbane. It takes place at three of the city’s venues: The Brightside, The Foundry and The Zoo. Artists playing include Dune Rats, Bad//Dreems, Methyl Ethyl, Moses Gunn Collective, Waax, Deafcult, Polish Club, The Murlocs and more. Advance tickets cost $56.10 here. More details and updates here.

Friday April 15th

Live Music
Josh Lovegrove (5pm – 9pm): Atrium Bar
Nicky Convine (6pm): Beaches on Kirra
Chris Flaskas (7pm): Boardriders Coolangatta
Captain Wow (7.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Matty Rogers: Burleigh Brewing Co
Simon Meola: Burleigh Heads Hotel
Forest Crump (7pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Dana Hassall (6.30pm – 9.30pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Chris Bent: Club Talle Palm Beach
Benny D Williams (5pm) + Alter Egos (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel
00-70s Band (8pm): CSi Southport
Payments In Gold, Fox n Firkin, Loud Goes Bang + The Dead Maggies ($10): Currumbin Creek Tavern
Old Skool (7pm): Currumbin RSL
Matt Frear (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
Signature (6.30pm): The Envy Hotel
Vertigo (9.30pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Sarah Frank (6.30pm): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
The Pin Up Girls: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Brett Hammond (8pm): Hard Rock Cafe
Michael Eotvos + Russ Walker (8.30pm): J Bar
Down 311 Duo (7pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Bigfellalinc (9pm): Kitty O’Shea’s Surfers Paradise
Emma Bosworth (7pm): Mandala Organic Arts Mermaid Beach
Velvet Martini: Miami Marketta
Jesse Morris Band, Rosie MissChief + Julian Temple ($3): NightQuarter
Gabrielle Lambe (8pm): Nobbys Arc Nobby Beach
Nyssa Berger (8.30pm): Saltbar Kingscliff
James Scott (6pm – 9pm): SkyPoint
Rockhounds (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
The Hodads (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Wayne Foster (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Ryan Hourihane: Tugun Surf Club
Chris Doyle + Red Cherries Trio: Tweed Head Bowls Club
The Hippos + Big Shots Duelling Pianos: Twin Towns
The Triple J’s: Wallaby Hotel Mudgeeraba
Amanda King (11.30am): Walrus Social House

Creme Fridays – The Golden Age: East Broadbeach
Sunshine + Audun: Elsewhere Bar
James Canning: Garden Kitchen & Bar Jupiters
Hip Hop/R&B Night with Vices + Glazer: Icon Coolangatta
The Koi Boys, DJ Otto + Fletcher: Love Nightlife
Jengis Kose, Mattia Musella, Felipe Gonzo + Roger Grassi: Platinum
Spooner, Fletcher, Palmhero + Heizer: Rattlesnake Motel Coolangatta
Fullhouse Fridays ASMY Swimwear Competition: Shooters
Them Friday Feels: SinCity

Saturday April 16th

Live Music
Russ Walker (5pm – 9pm): Atrium Bar
Julian Temple + Jesse Morris(7pm): Boardriders Coolangatta
Blurst of Times Festival (see top): Brisbane
Kaffene (7pm): Burleigh Bears
Christian Argenti: Burleigh Heads Hotel
8 Ball (7pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Brett Gannon (6.30pm – 9.30pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Mikey Edwards (5pm) + Remedy (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Casey Watt (4pm) + Wally & The Gators (8pm): CSi Southport
Pinion, Young Pros, Atticus Chimps + Labjacket ($10): Currumbin Creek Tavern
Midnight Groove (7pm): Currumbin RSL
Matty TD (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
Signature (6.30pm): The Envy Hotel
Free The Genie (9.30pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Sean Fitzgerald (6.30pm): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
The Anchormen: The Grand Hotel Labrador
The Irish Sessions (6.30pm): Harrigan’s Drift Inn Jacobs Well
Deon Powter + Reece Freeman (8.30pm): J Bar
Archie Rye (7pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Brooke Lambert, Wayward Suns, Petar Zabic + Nathan Christos: The Loft Chevron Island
Lavidius, Killer’s Creed, Desmantra + The Cilikis: Lonestar Tavern
Julie Hayes (7pm): Mandala Organic Arts Mermaid Beach
Benny D Williams (6.30pm): Merrimac Tavern
The Weather Men: Miami Marketta
The Francis Wolves, Gavin Doniger & The Mescalito Blues + Sian Evans ($3): NightQuarter
Chris Hutchison (7pm – 10pm): SkyPoint
THe Johnny Cash Tribute Show ($10/15): Southport RSL
Nightshift (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Captain Wow (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Encore (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Elephant Rock (7.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Russell Sprout, Bagman + The Hippos: Twin Towns
Nicky Convine (3pm – 6pm): Waxy’s Irish Pub

Jake Carmody & Jesse Boyle: The Bedroom (Formerly Vanity)
Sabre: East Broadbeach
Cassette + Giv: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
James Canning: Garden Kitchen & Bar Jupiters
Genova + McGill: Icon Coolangatta
Bela, DJ Dezire, Sarah Wilkinson + Kinloch: Komune Coolangatta
Belvebear: Love Nightlife
Will Sparks, DJ Flash + J-Muz: Platinum
Superclub Saturdays Chocolate Fantasy: Shooters
Tom Starks: SinCity

Sunday April 17th

Live Music
The Accidents (12.30pm): Advancetown Hotel
Mescalito Blues Duo (12.30pm): Bearded Dragon Mt Tamborine
Jesse Morris Band (10am): Broadbeach Markets
Sounds of Sunday with Bleach Girls, Trap Door + Jesse Pumphrey: Broadbeach Tavern
Greg & Laura Doolan (2.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Charlie Lucas: Burleigh Heads Hotel
Fabian (7pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Viper Room: Club Talle Palm Beach
Coast & Ocean (2.30pm) + The Creases (5.30pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Inder (1pm): CSi Southport
Bootleg Flyers (4pm): Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club
Funsters (2.30pm): Currumbin RSL
Jake Whittaker (3pm): Currumbin RSL Deck Acoustics
Diversion + Mikey Edwards: The Envy Hotel
Bart Thrupp (9pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Ben Amor (1pm): Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Ella Fence (2pm – 6pm): Garden Kitchen & Bar Jupiters
Benny D Williams (10.30am): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
Moon Ranch: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Buckman Coe (1.30pm): Harrigan’s Drift Inn Jacobs Well
Hans-Solo (4pm): Institution Ale House
Bondi Cigars (3pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Bigfellalinc (8pm): Kitty O’Shea’s Surfers Paradise
Nicky Convine Duo (2pm – 5pm): Palm Beach Surf Club
Holly Major (2pm): The Pottsville Tavern
Tyler Vivian (3pm – 6pm): SkyPoint
Abbigayle Anderson (1pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Rab Wylie (1pm): Southport Sharks Cabana
Peter Parker (6pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Triple J’s: Tugun Surf Club
Simone Cutting (5.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Tony McGuinness, Mr Troy + The Hippos: Twin Towns
Chloe Styler, Eilish Ellen + James Bennett (8am): Village Markets Burleigh

Sunday Sesh with Jake Carmody & Jesse Boyle: The Bedroom (Formerly Vanity)
Royale with Jimmy D + Grivs: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Ibiza Lounge Bar (2pm start): Howl At The Moon
Play: Shooters
I Hate Mondays Sunday Session: Surfers Paradise Beergarden

Monday April 18th

Live Music
Amanda King (8.30pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Tommy Memphis (11am): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Lloyd Saniel (6pm): Southport Sharks

Industry Night: SinCity

Tuesday April 19th

Live Music
Benjam Duo (7pm): Atrium Bar
Tommy Memphis (10.30am): Currumbin RSL
Tyson Faulkner (9pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
A Tribe Called Frank (7.30pm): Institution Ale House
Voice & Congas Jam (7.30pm): Southport Sharks
Mark Divola Duo (7.30pm): Twin Towns
John Rowles (11am $5/15): Twin Towns Showroom
Nicky Convine (7pm – 11pm): Waxy’s Irish Pub

Ladies Night: SinCity

Wednesday April 20th

Live Music
Tuffy (7pm): Atrium Bar
Price Seia (5.30pm): Currumbin RSL
Tyson Faulkner (9pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Joe Phillips (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Long Gone Daddys + Catfish & The Deejays: Twin Towns
The Kamis (11am $5/15): Twin Towns Showroom

Vegas Style Wednesdays: SinCity
Urban Sounds with Karavini: Surfers Paradise Beergarden

Thursday April 21st

Live Music
Geed Up (7pm): Atrium Bar
Greg & Laura Doolan (5.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Tommy Memphis (midday): CSi Southport
Stewart Fairhurst: The Envy Hotel
Zookeepers (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
George Ferguson (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Jam & Open Mic Night (7pm): Town and Country Motel Nerang
Swizzle (6.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Mat Stokes Duo + The Kamis: Twin Towns

Girls Night Out: The Bedroom (formerly Vanity)
Cadillac Thursday with Steve Frank + MC XY: East Broadbeach
Lay of the Land: Elsewhere Bar
Flirt: Shooters
R&B Night: SinCity
Brett Allen + James Todman: Surfers Paradise Beergarden

Please confirm details with the venues before heading out as line-ups and times are subject to change. New South Wales venues are listed with NSW times. For venue phone numbers and addresses please visit this page.


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