Gig Guide January 15th to 21st

What's on Gold Coast: Live music and nightclub events are all in our gig guide

Gold Coast Gig Guide: Live Music & Nightclubs

Soundlounge is back in action this Friday with a show from Tijuana Cartel and A Conscious Coup. Tickets are available in advance for $25 plus booking fee here. If you can’t make this one, Tijuana Cartel also play at Junction Alley in Noosa on Saturday (see below).

Byron Bay band Skeggs are on tour promoting their “50 Push Ups for a Dollar” EP, and play a Gold Coast show at the Miami Shark Bar this Friday. Also on the bill are The Pinheads and Wash: entry is just $5 at the door. You can check out the EP here.

Metalheads may want to check out BTM’s Metal Showcase at Currumbin Creek Tavern this Saturday. Bands playing are Upon a Falling Empire, Gimpus, Kold Creature, Devonian and Jade Haven. $10 in advance or $12 on the door.

Lastly, if you feel like getting away this weekend, there are two events you might be interested in:

Junction Alley takes place this Saturday in Noosa Junction. It features music from Tijuana Cartel, Oka, Dubarray, Leatherlab, The Outlook and more. Tickets are $30.60 in advance: more details here.

The 2high Festival is on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Metro Arts in Brisbane. The festival is all about art, science and ideas, and artists playing include Airling, Born Joy Dead, Aquila Young, Fierce Mild and Ella Fence. Day tickets are $15 and you can get a three day pass for $25: more info and tickets here.

Friday January 15th

Live Music
Vick Kenna (5pm – 9pm): Atrium Bar
Paul Atkins (6.30pm): The Avenue
Jax Haze (6pm – 9pm): Beaches on Kirra
Matt Stillert + Passerine (7pm): Boardriders Coolangatta
2high Festival (see top): Brisbane (Metro Arts)
Mattie Barker & Linda Angledal (5pm – 8.30pm): Burleigh Brewing Co
Simon Meola (9pm): Burleigh Heads Hotel
Upstage (7pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Gentle Jazz (6.30pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Jason Delphin (6pm): Chinderah Tavern
Wayne Ranson: Club Talle Palm Beach
Scott Whatman (5pm) + The Accidents (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Shem (8.30pm): Coolangatta Sands Hotel
Soula, LS Philosophy, Accidentally Perfect + Davina ($10): Currumbin Creek Tavern
Forest Crump (7pm): Currumbin RSL
Tommy Sheehan (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
Die! Die! Die! + special guests: Elsewhere Bar
Stewart Fairhurst (6pm): The Envy Hotel
The Triple J’s: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Tyler Vivian (5.30pm): Institution Ale House
Dan England + Russ Walker (8.30pm): J Bar
Soul Stripes (9pm): Kitty O’Shea’s
Casey Barnes (7.30pm) + Darren Middleton (8.20pm): Lakeside Evandale Parklands
Sarah Frank (7pm): Mandala Organic Arts Mermaid Beach
Wandering Eyes: Miami Marketta
Skegss, The Pinheads + Wash (see top): Miami Shark Bar
Rhonnie (6.30pm): Nerang Bowls Club
The Maslows, Gabriel & Cecilia + Nicole Brophy ($3): NightQuarter
Mat Turner Dauncey (7.15pm): Pottsville Tavern
Andy Jans Brown (8.30pm): Saltbar Kingscliff
Nicky Convine (7pm): Seagulls Tweed Heads
Eureka Funk (6pm – 10pm): Seahawks Football Club Taigum
Tijuana Cartel + more (see top): Soundlounge Currumbin
Rockks (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Mason Rack (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Frazer Goodman & Loch Easton (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Holly Major (7pm): Tugun Surf Club
Tommy Memphis, Karina Watt, Mark Divola Duo + Fat Albert: Twin Towns
Karise Eden ($35 in advance): Twin Towns Showroom
Amanda King (3.30pm): Walrus Social House
Nyssa Berger Duo (3pm): Waxy’s Irish Pub

Rory, Otto, Stevie Z, OMG + Ulahz: Club Boutique Surfers Paradise
80s vs 90s Night: East Broadbeach
Hip Hop/R&B Night with Sash + Glazer: Icon Coolangatta
Flirt Fridays with Nedd + Cboss: Komune Coolangatta
Lifestyles of the Rich: Love Nightlife
Yeezy Season with Vices, Tomcat + Brokabilly: Rattlesnake Motel
Full House Friday with Matty D: Shooters
Tom Starks: SinCity
Jake Carmody: Vanity

Saturday January 16th

Live Music
Michael Eotvos (5pm – 9pm): Atrium Bar
Cory Hargreaves (6.30pm): The Avenue
Felicity Lawless (6pm – 9pm): Beaches on Kirra
Elliot Maginot + Jesse Humphrey (7pm): Boardriders Coolangatta
2high Festival (see top): Brisbane (Metro Arts)
Christian Argenti (9pm): Burleigh Heads Hotel
8 Ball (7pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Leigh James (6.30pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Nicole Brophy (6pm): Chinderah Tavern
The Beautiful Girls ($25 + BF): Coolangatta Hotel
Mikey Edwards (5pm) + Remedy (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel downstairs
Eureka Funk (8.30pm): Coolangatta Sands Hotel
Upon a Falling Empire + more (see top): Currumbin Creek Tavern
The Hodads (7pm): Currumbin RSL
Gabrielle Lambe (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
Scott Whatman Duo (6pm): The Envy Hotel
Fire N Ice (4pm): Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
DVS: The Grand Hotel Labrador
The GC (5pm – 8pm): Harvest Moon Burleigh
Chris Hutchison + Chris Miles (8.30pm): J Bar
Shaka-Han (7pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Tommy Memphis (7.30pm): Kingscliff Bowls Club
Free The Genie (9pm): Kitty O’Shea’s
Jackson James Smith (4.20pm – 6pm): Lakeside Evandale Parklands
Tony McGuiness: Lansdowne Road Irish Pub
Soul Haus: The Loft Chevron Island
The Wet Fish: Miami Marketta
CC The Cat, Hemmingway + Ladi Abundance ($3): NightQuarter
Junction Alley with Tijuana Cartel + more (see top): Noosa Junction
Ray Catt (2.30pm): Pottsville Tavern
Nicky Convine Duo (7pm): Seagulls Tweed Heads
Slique Duo (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Captain Wow (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Jo Miguel (7pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Hans-Solo (2pm – 5pm): Surfers Sandbar
Fat Albert (9pm): Twin Towns
Kate Leopold (2pm – 3pm): The Yard Mermaid Beach

Sabre: East Broadbeach
Kato + Giv: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
McGill + Ridgy Didge: Icon Coolangatta
Luca + Nedd: Komune Coolangatta
Summer Sessions: Love Nightlife
Ibiza Lounge Bar (3pm – 9pm): Orchid Lounge & Bar
Some Blonde, DJ Flash + J-Muz: Platinum
Stevie Z, Vices, Brokabilly + Mattia Musella: Rattlesnake Motel
Superclub: Shooters
DJ Owe: SinCity
Kaz James: Surfers Paradise Beergarden
Jake Carmody + Jesse Boyle: Vanity

Sunday January 17th

Live Music
The Triple J’s (9.30pm): The Avenue
Matty Pitts (3pm) + Nicole Brophy (5pm): Beaches on Kirra
2high Festival (see top): Brisbane (Metro Arts)
Elegant Shiva, Fish On Fire + Jesse Pumphrey: Broadbeach Tavern
Mattyboi (1pm): Burleigh Heads Hotel
Chi Chi (2pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Josh Lovegrove (3pm): Cafe Catalina
The Weathermen (2.30pm): Chinderah Tavern
Smashed Crab Duo: Club Talle Palm Beach
Art Of Sleeping (3pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Jason Kafoa (4pm): Coolangatta Sands Hotel
Bootleg Flyers (4pm): Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club
Joshy Dredz + Salty Storms (1pm – 4pm): Currumbin Creek Tavern
Facin’ the Crowd (4pm): Currumbin RSL
Felicity Lawless (2pm): Currumbin RSL Deck Acoustics
Amy Billings + Those Guys (from 2pm): The Envy Hotel
Gypsy Duo (1pm): Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Moon Ranch: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Soul Stripes (2pm): Institution Ale House
Tasman Jude (3pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Bigfellalinc: Kitty O’Shea’s Surfers Paradise
Passerine plus DJs: Komune Coolangatta
Candice (3pm – 4.40pm): Lakeside Evandale Parklands
Nicky Convine Duo (2pm): Palm Beach Surf Club
Hailey Calvert and Marshall Okell (4pm – 6.30pm): Pirate Park Palm Beach
Open Mic Session (1pm – 5pm): Saltwater Creek Hotel Helensvale
Stoneage Romeos (1pm – 5pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Michael Eotvos (1pm): Southport Sharks Cabana
Pink Zinc (2.30pm): Tugun Surf Club
Amanda King, The Walking Duo + Fat Albert: Twin Towns
Tony McGuinness (2pm): Twin Towns Harbour Terrace
Adam Harpaz + James Bennett (from 8.30am): Village Markets Burleigh

Hospitality Night with LP + Fletcher Kirkman: Club Boutique Surfers Paradise
Royale with Stretch, Boyblewe + Jimmy D: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Play: Shooters
Red Cup Party: SinCity
Sunday Session with Brett Allen: Surfers Paradise Beergarden
The Sunday Session: Vanity

Monday January 18th

Live Music
Agent 77 (9.30pm): The Avenue
Amanda King (8pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Craig Shaw (11am – 2pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Lloyd Saniel (6pm): Southport Sharks

Industry Night: SinCity

Tuesday January 19th

Live Music
Russ Walker (7pm – 11pm): Atrium Bar
Stevenson Street (9.30pm): The Avenue
Voice & Congas Jam Session (7.30pm): Southport Sharks

Ladies Night: SinCity

Wednesday January 20th

Live Music
Tuffy (7pm – 11pm): Atrium Bar
Hanlon Brothers (9.30pm): The Avenue
Open Mic Night: The Loft Chevron Island
Tommy Memphis (5pm): Pottsville Beach Sports Club
Joe Phillips (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Hot Wire + Crisis: Twin Towns
Nyssa Berger (6pm): Walrus Social House

Vegas Style Wednesdays: SinCity
Urban Sounds with Karavini: Surfers Paradise Beergarden
Humpday Party: Vanity

Thursday January 21st

Live Music
Hanlon Brothers (7pm – 11pm): Atrium Bar
Agent 77 (9.30pm): The Avenue
Matt Armitage (6pm – 9pm): Beaches on Kirra
Kahlia Forsyth (9pm): Burleigh Heads Hotel
Gregg Peterson (6pm): Chinderah Tavern
Sex ‘n’ Chocolate: East Broadbeach
Stewart Fairhurst (6pm): The Envy Hotel
Gabrielle Lambe + Little Red Robin Horse (8pm): Institution Ale House
Zookeepers (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Col Atkinson & Will Sargisson (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Jam & Open Mic Night (7pm): Town and Country Motel Nerang
The Retronomes: Twin Towns

Bump ‘n’ Grind: Club Boutique Surfers Paradise
Lay of the Land: Elsewhere Bar
R&B Thursday: SinCity
Brett Allen + James Todman: Surfers Paradise Beergarden
Uni Night: Vanity

Please confirm details with the venues before heading out as line-ups and times are subject to change. For venue phone numbers and addresses please visit this page.


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