Gig Guide May 13th to 19th

Gold Coast Gig Guide May 13th to May 19th 2016 - live music and nightclubs

Gold Coast Gig Guide: Live Music & Nightclubs

Miami Shark Bar’s Friday the 13th event this weekend features live music from Peach Fur, Timber Bones, Crown The Humble and Hightide plus DJ Skleryk. There will be prizes for best horror-themed outfits. Advance tickets are $12 here or it’s $15 on the door.

The Lonestar Tavern has another Saturday night of free live music coming up this weekend. Give It All, The Knock BacksNeptune Estate and Something Something Explosion do the honours this week: doors open at 8pm.

Heat 2 of the Band Competition is on at the Hard Rock Cafe on Wednesday May 18th. This week it features Versus Fate, Dead Hand Blues and Chelsea Rockwells. Entry is free.

Lastly, Blues on Broadbeach kicks off on Thursday May 19th with 8 Ball Aitken, Big Daddy Wilson, Mason Rack Band and more. We’ll be taking a look at this in more detail next week, but in the meantime you can check out what’s happening on the official website.

Friday May 13th

Live Music
Michael Eotvos (5pm – 9pm): Atrium Bar
Benny D Williams (6pm): Boardriders Coolangatta
Fat Albert (9pm): Broadbeach Tavern
Kulaz (7.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Gavin Doniger (5.30pm): Burleigh Brewing Co
Simon Meola: Burleigh Heads Hotel
Poco Loco (7pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Brett Gannon (6pm – 9pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Holly Major: Club Talle Palm Beach
Matty TD (5pm) + The Titanix (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Ben Amor (8.30pm): Coolangatta Sands Hotel
Cool Change (8pm): CSi Southport
Love Cannons, The Maslows, Blaire + Dylan Leigh Davis: Currumbin Creek Tavern
Gemini (7pm): Currumbin RSL
Sarah Shah (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
Finkler Duo (6pm): The Envy Hotel
Jackson James (6.30pm): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
Punchline: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Jethro Andrews (8pm): Hard Rock Cafe
Tyrone Noonan + Russ Walker: J Bar
Leigh James (7pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Anna Gabriela (7pm): Mandala Organic Arts Mermaid Beach
Conchillia: Miami Marketta
Timber Bones, Crown The Humble, Peach Fur + HighTide ($12): Miami Shark Bar
Clint White (6.30pm): Nerang Bowls Club
Dezzie D and the Stingrayz, Mitch King + Mojo Webb ($3): NightQuarter
Mangrove Jaxx (8.30pm): Saltbar Kingscliff
Rockks (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Chisel Revived Tribute (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
George Ferguson (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Hans-Solo (6pm): Surfers Sandbar
David Lee (11am) + Too Many Hands (7.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Remedy + Bagman: Twin Towns
Painkiller: Wallaby Hotel Mudgeeraba

Crème Friday: East Broadbeach
Tim Fuchs + Audun: Elsewhere Bar
DJ Andrea Tenille: Garden Kitchen & Bar
Vices + Glazer: Icon Coolangatta
Spooner + Nedd: Komune Coolangatta
Search for the Ultimate #WORLDIE Heat 1: Love Nightlife
Roger Grassi, Felipe Gonzo + Palmhero: Platinum
Noy, Fletcher, Kinloch, Sellwood + Heizer: Rattlesnake Motel Coolangatta
Them Friday Feels: SinCity

Saturday May 14th

Live Music
Dallas James (5pm – 9pm): Atrium Bar
Spin (7pm): Burleigh Bears
Christian Argenti: Burleigh Heads Hotel
Loaded Dice (7pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Gentle Jazz (6pm – 9pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Andrew Taylor (5pm) + Get Carter (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Steve Ward (8.30pm): Coolangatta Sands Hotel
Greg Cartagena (4pm) + Deep Creek Band (8pm): CSi Southport
Funk n’ Wagnells (7pm): Currumbin RSL
Jackson Smith (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
The GC (8pm): Dolphin Harbourside Hotel Tweed Heads
Those Guys (6pm): The Envy Hotel
Patrick Rowe (6.30pm): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
Wasabi: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Chris Aronston (6.30pm): Harrigan’s Drift Inn Jacobs Well
Clint Boge + Michael Eotvos: J Bar
Luke Houselander (7pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Kate Heart Big Love Tour: The Loft Chevron Island
Give It All, The Knock backs, Monster Fodder + Something Something Explosion: Lonestar Tavern
Akova (7pm): Mandala Organic Arts Mermaid Beach
BB Factory: Miami Marketta
Super Kawaii Matsuri Japanese Festival ($3): NightQuarter
Tomorrow People ($39.80): Parkwood Tavern
Fat Albert (8pm): Rainbow Bay SLSC
Kulaz (8.30pm): Saltbar Kingscliff
Nicky Convine (7.30pm): Seagulls Tweed Heads
Stephen Lovelight (2pm) + Skankstarz ($5 7pm): Sheoak Shack Fingal
Jacob Lee (7pm – 10pm): SkyPoint
Gemini Duo (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Wally & The Gators (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Encore (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Facin’ The Crowd (7.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Delisch + Remedy: Twin Towns
Bee Gees Tribute ($39): Twin Towns Showroom

Jake Carmody + Jesse Boyle: The Bedroom (Formerly Vanity)
Duo Lyra: East Broadbeach
Emma Stevenson, Tiafau + Giv: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
James Canning: Garden Kitchen & Bar
Chromz, Ridgy Didge + Playhouse: Icon Coolangatta
Belvebear: Love Nightlife
Tenzin, I Am Wolfpack, DJ Flash + J-Muz: Platinum
Stevie Z, Roger Grassi, McGill + Palmhero: Rattlesnake Motel Coolangatta
Superclub Saturdays: Shooters
Tom Starks: SinCity

Sunday May 15th

Live Music
Steve Cummings & The Bar Studs: Advancetown Hotel
Waxhead, The Badlands + Jesse Pumphrey: Broadbeach Tavern
Nyssa Berger ($7+ 8.30am): Broadwater Parklands Million Paws Walk
Gemini (2.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Barefoot Friday: Burleigh Brewing Co
Rick Baron: Burleigh Heads Hotel
Scott Whatman (2pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Eilish Ellen (6pm – 9pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
The Triple J’s: Club Talle Palm Beach
Bourbon Street (3pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Split Chicken (4pm): Coolangatta Sands Hotel
Champagne Jam (1pm): CSi Southport
Future Native (4pm): Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club
Facin’ the Crowd (2.30pm): Currumbin RSL
Zed Butel (3pm): Currumbin RSL Deck Acoustics
Tyler Vivian (3pm): The Envy Hotel
Jason Delphin (1pm): Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Josh Lovegrove (2pm – 6pm): Garden Kitchen & Bar Jupiters
Benny D Williams (10.30am): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
The Daisy Dukes: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Casey Barnes (1.30pm): Harrigan’s Drift Inn Jacobs Well
Gavin Doniger (9am): Iron and Resin Garage
Michael Hickey: Ivory Tavern Tweed Heads
Fat Albert (3pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Bigfellalinc (8pm): Kitty O’Shea’s Surfers Paradise
Trevor Rix (2pm): Nerang Bowls Club
Ondre Davis (4.30pm): Nobbys Arc Nobby Beach
Nick Waters (1pm): The Pottsville Tavern
Lauren Napier (3pm – 6pm): SkyPoint
Greg Bankx (1pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Simon Meola (1pm): Southport Sharks Cabana
Andrew Hobler (5pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Benny D Williams (5pm): Sunhouse Coolangatta
Craig Shaw (5.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Smooth & Sassy, Wayne Vitali + Remedy: Twin Towns
Jax Haze, Eilish Ellen + Jackson James Smith (8.30am): Village Markets Burleigh
Amanda King (4pm): Walrus Social House
Nicky Convine (3pm): Waxy’s Irish Pub

Sunday Sesh with Jake Carmody + Jesse Boyle: The Bedroom (Formerly Vanity)
Royale with Jimmy D + Grivs: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Ibiza Lounge Bar (2pm start): Howl At The Moon
I Hate Mondays Sunday Session: Surfers Paradise Beergarden

Monday May 16th

Live Music
Amanda King (8pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Deana Peher (11am): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Lloyd Saniel (6pm): Southport Sharks
Jeff Camilleri: Twin Towns

Industry Night: SinCity

Tuesday May 17th

Live Music
Jeff Carter (7pm): Atrium Bar
Greg & Laura Doolan (10.30am): Currumbin RSL
Voice & Congas Jam: Southport Sharks
The Influence: Twin Towns
Nicky Convine (7pm): Waxy’s Irish Pub

Ladies Night: SinCity

Wednesday May 18th

Live Music
Band Competition with Versus Fate, Dead Hand Blues + Chelsea Rockwells: Hard Rock Cafe
Open Mic Night: The Loft Chevron Island
Joe Phillips (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Dudes of Doo Wop, Tommy Memphis + Rockin Bodgies: Twin Towns

Vegas Style Wednesdays: SinCity
Urban Sounds with Karavini: Surfers Paradise Beergarden

Thursday May 19th

Live Music
Dreamboogie + Geoff Archison (8.30pm): Atrium Bar
8 Ball Aitken, Big Daddy Wilson, Mason Rack Band + more (see top): Blues on Broadbeach
Greg & Laura Doolan (5.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Nicky Convine (6pm): Chinderah Tavern
Tommy Memphis (midday): CSi Southport
Jason Delphin: The Envy Hotel
Savage: Parkwood Tavern
Zookeepers (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Frazer Goodman & Loch Easton (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Jam & Open Mic Night (7pm): Town and Country Motel Nerang
Simone Cutting (6.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Mat Stokes Duo + Amplify: Twin Towns

Girls Night Out: The Bedroom (Formerly Vanity)
Cadillac Thursday with Steve Frank + MC XY: East Broadbeach
Lay of the Land: Elsewhere Bar
Flirt Thursdays: Shooters
R&B Night: SinCity
Brett Allen + James Todman: Surfers Paradise Beergarden

Please confirm details with the venues before heading out as line-ups and times are subject to change. New South Wales venues are listed with NSW times. For venue phone numbers and addresses please visit this page.


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