Gig Guide May 20th to 26th

Gold Coast Gig Guide May 20th to May 26th 2016 - live music including Blues on Broadbeach plus nightclub events

Gold Coast Gig Guide: Live Music & Nightclubs

Blues on Broadbeach 2016 is on this weekend with yet another stellar line-up. This year’s artists include names like Eric Burdon and The Animals, The Bamboos, Diesel, Cookin’ On 3 Burners with Tex Perkins alongside local favourites including Mason Rack Band, BluesCorp, Mescalito Blues, Devil’s Kiosk, The James Street Preachers and Frazer Goodman. We’ve included some of the highlights below (in red), but we highly recommend you visit the official website for the full program.

NightQuarter partners with SEED this Friday for the launch of SEED Volume 5: playing live will be Benny D Williams, Mikayla J, Twelve Past Midnight and Keelan Mak. It’s just $3 to get in.

Also this Friday, Perth’s Psychedelic Porn Crumpets play a gig with Mighty Psylis and Killer Trunk Hunks at the Miami Shark Bar. Doors open at 8pm and entry is $10.

Lastly, Irish music fans may want to check out legends Foster & Allen at Twin Towns Showroom this Sunday: tickets are $52.

Friday May 20th

Live Music
Mike Elrington (4pm): Alto Cucina & Bar
Jan Preston, The Blues Preachers + Big Daddy Wilson: Atrium Bar
BluesCorp, Alex Hahn & the Blue Riders, The Blues Preachers, Genevieve Chadwick, West Texas Crude + more: Blues on Broadbeach Mall Stage
Chase The Sun, Bondi Cigars, Cookin’ On 3 Burners with Tex Perkins & Stella Angelico + more: Blues on Broadbeach Surf Parade
Blue Shaddy + Devils Kiosk (9pm): Broadbeach Tavern
Red Cherries Trio (7.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Matt Musella: Burleigh Heads Hotel
Adrenaline (7pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Michael Eotvos (6pm – 9pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Dennis Dean: Club Talle Palm Beach
Rab Wylie (5pm) + Alter Egos (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Caught in the Act (8pm): CSi Southport
Sunhaus & Guests ($10/15): Currumbin Creek Tavern
Old Skool (7pm): Currumbin RSL
Nyssa Berger (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
Client Liaison + GL: Elsewhere Bar
Mitch King, Renton Beavis + Col Finley: The Envy Hotel
Elliot Baylis (6.30pm): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
Mr Perkins: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Katey Aspley (8pm): Hard Rock Cafe
Dave Cavo: Ivory Tavern Tweed Heads
Jason McGregor + Russ Walker: J Bar
Steven Lovelight Duo (7pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Bigfellalinc (9pm): Kitty O’Shea’s Surfers Paradise
Rodrigo Ferraz (7pm): Mandala Organic Arts Mermaid Beach
Leopold’s Treat: Miami Marketta
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Mighty Psylis + Killer Trunk Hunks ($10): Miami Shark Bar
Bella Maree (6.30pm): Nerang Bowls Club
Benny D Williams, Mikayla J, Twelve Past Midnight + Keelan Mak ($3): NightQuarter
Cory Hargreaves (6pm): North Kirra SLSC
The James Street Preachers (midday) + Josh Needs (6pm): Pacific Fair Patio Stage
Angelo Pash (8.30pm): Saltbar Kingscliff
Robbie Balmer (6pm – 9pm): SkyPoint
Route 66 (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Andrew Baxter Band (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Encore (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Chris Doyle (11am) + Sue Reid Band (7.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Amplify + Jake Binns: Twin Towns
Moving Pictures ($40): Twin Towns Showroom
The Triple J’s: Wallaby Hotel Mudgeeraba

DJ Andrea Tenille: Garden Kitchen & Bar
Hip Hop/R&B Night with Vices + Glazer: Icon Coolangatta
King of Spin DJ Competition Round 1: Komune Coolangatta
The Koi Boys, DJ Otto + Fletcher Kirkman: Love Nightlife
Tom Tilley, Fletcher, Mattia Musella + Palmhero: Rattlesnake Motel Coolangatta
Kronic (invite-only birthday party): SinCity

Saturday May 21st

Live Music
Greg Bowles (4pm): Alto Cucina & Bar
Josh Needs, Alex Hann + Doc Span Band (6pm): Atrium Bar
Free Soul Collective, Bondi Cigars, Devils Kiosk, The Detonators + more: Blues on Broadbeach Mall Stage
BluesCorp, The Lachy Doley Group, Nick Barker and the Heartache State, The Bamboos + more: Blues on Broadbeach Surf Parade
Strange Brew, Phil Barlow & The Wolf + Marshall Okell (8pm): Broadbeach Tavern
Upstage (7pm): Burleigh Bears
Christian Argenti: Burleigh Heads Hotel
8 Ball (7pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Just Kirra (6pm – 9pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Mikey Edwards (5pm) + Remedy (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Shane Crump (4pm) + Simply Three (8pm): CSi Southport
Audsox, The Jake Fox Band, The Crowded Penguins + Luatè ($10): Currumbin Creek Tavern
Soniiq (7pm): Currumbin RSL
Bella Maree (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
Amanda King (3pm): Dublin Docks Harbour Town
Frazer Goodman, Kenny Slide, Mescalito Blues + more : The Envy Hotel
Patrick Rowe (6.30pm): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
The Triple J’s: The Grand Hotel Labrador
The Irish Sessions (6.30pm): Harrigan’s Drift Inn Jacobs Well
Chris Hutchison + Paul Kiren: J Bar
Sarah Grant Duo (7pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Cry for Cthulhu, Palliative Care, Upon a Falling Empire + DeadYet?: Lonestar Tavern
Sarah Frank (7pm): Mandala Organic Arts Mermaid Beach
Benny D Williams (6.30pm): Merrimac Tavern
The Twine: Miami Marketta
Tracey Vaughan (6.30pm): Nerang Bowls Club
Round Mountain Girls ($3): NightQuarter
Regan Sharpe (8.30pm): Nobbys Arc Nobby Beach
Juzzie Smith (midday) + Black Rabbit George (6pm): Pacific Fair Patio Stage
Kiara Jack (2pm) + Tay Oskee (7pm): Sheoak Shack Fingal
James Scott (7pm – 10pm): SkyPoint
Bluescorp (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Zade (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Jo Miguel (7pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Smokin’ Crawdads (7.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Benny Nelson, Russell Sprout + Amplify: Twin Towns
Todd McKenney Sings Peter Allen ($60): Twin Towns Showroom

Jake Carmody + Jesse Boyle: The Bedroom (Formerly Vanity)
Aerial Cirque: East Broadbeach
Six Shooter + Giv: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
James Canning: Garden Kitchen & Bar
Playhouse, Ridgy Didge + McGill: Icon Coolangatta
Infected with Fletcher Kirkman + DJ Otto: Love Nightlife
Some Blonde, DJ Flash + J-Muz: Platinum
Superclub Saturdays: Shooters
Tom Starks: SinCity

Sunday May 22nd

Live Music
Brook Chivell Duo: Advancetown Hotel
Ross Williams (4pm) + Frazer Goodman (7pm): Alto Cucina & Bar
Josh Needs + Devil’s Kiosk (5pm): Atrium Bar
The Waves, 8 Ball Aitken, Lloyd Spiegel + Big Daddy Wilson: Blues on Broadbeach Mall Stage
Three Kings, Mason Rack Band, Eric Burdon & The Animals + more: Blues on Broadbeach Surf Parade
The Ugly Session Band, Adam Hole Band + Chase The Sun: Broadbeach Tavern
Tommy Memphis (2.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Rick Barron: Burleigh Heads Hotel
Old Skool (2pm): Burleigh Sports Club
Eleea Navarro (6pm – 9pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Hippopotamus: Club Talle Palm Beach
Lisa Hunt (3pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Hot Pursuit Duo (1pm): CSi Southport
The Accidents (4pm): Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club
George Ferguson (2.30pm): Currumbin RSL
Brad Butcher (3pm): Currumbin RSL Deck Acoustics
Marshall Okell, Phil Barlow & The Wolf, 8 Ball Aitken + more: The Envy Hotel
Dean Gray (1pm): Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Dallas James (2pm – 6pm): Garden Kitchen & Bar Jupiters
Wazza (10.30am): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
The Daisy Dukes: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Tyson Coleman Band (1.30pm): Harrigan’s Drift Inn Jacobs Well
Benny D Williams (2pm): House of Brews
Surf Report: Ivory Tavern Tweed Heads
Squeak Lemaire & The Moon Bears (3pm): Kingscliff Beach Hotel
Bigfellalinc (8pm): Kitty O’Shea’s Surfers Paradise
Free The Genie: Nobbys Arc Nobby Beach
Cory Hargreaves (1pm): North Kirra SLSC
Hans-Solo (4pm): O’Malley’s Irish Bar
Juzzie Smith (midday): Pacific Fair Patio Stage
Katia Demeester (3pm – 6pm): SkyPoint
Greg Bankx (1pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Josh Boyd (1pm): Southport Sharks Cabana
Peter Parker (5pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Fat Albert (2pm): Tugun Surf Life Saving Club
Tracy Vaughn (5.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Bill Jacobi, Triplickit Duo + Amplify: Twin Towns
Foster & Allen ($52): Twin Towns Showroom
Ondre Solien + Lily Budiasa (8am): Village Markets Burleigh

Sunday Sesh with Jake Carmody + Jesse Boyle: The Bedroom (Formerly Vanity)
Royale with Zigmon, Jimmy D + Grivs: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Ibiza Lounge Bar (2pm start): Howl At The Moon
Play: Shooters
I Hate Mondays Sunday Session: Surfers Paradise Beergarden

Monday May 23rd

Live Music
Amanda King (8pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Michael Whitmore (11am): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Harry Lynn + Alex Feitz: Twin Towns Breezes Bar

Industry Night: SinCity

Tuesday May 24th

Live Music
Dirty Groove (7pm): Atrium Bar
Voice & Congas Jam (7.30pm): Southport Sharks
Harry Lynn + Alex Feitz: Twin Towns Breezes Bar
Amanda King (3pm): Waxys Irish Bar

Ladies Night: SinCity

Wednesday May 25th

Live Music
Band Competition with The Pretty Fingers, My Nanna’s Kingswood + Collins Class: Hard Rock Cafe
Open Mic Night: The Loft Chevron Island
Joe Phillips (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Sue Reid + Alex Feitz: Twin Towns Breezes Bar

Wild Wednesdays: The Bedroom (Formerly Vanity)
Vegas Style Wednesdays: SinCity
Urban Sounds with Karavini: Surfers Paradise Beergarden

Thursday May 26th

Live Music
John Taylor (5.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Tommy Memphis (6pm): CSi Southport
Funk ‘n’ Wagnells (2.30pm): Currumbin RSL
Alternator Poetry Jam: Dust Temple Currumbin
Stewart Fairhurst (6pm): The Envy Hotel
Free The Genie: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Zookeepers (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Encore (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Jam & Open Mic Night (7pm): Town and Country Motel Nerang (thurs)
Swizzle (6.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Janice & The Violets + Sue Reid: Twin Towns

Ladies Night: The Bedroom (Formerly Vanity)
Cadillac Thursday with Steve Frank + MC XY: East Broadbeach
Lay of the Land: Elsewhere Bar
R&B Night: SinCity
Brett Allen + James Todman: Surfers Paradise Beergarden

Please confirm details with the venues before heading out as line-ups and times are subject to change. New South Wales venues are listed with NSW times. For venue phone numbers and addresses please visit this page.


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