Gold Coast Hinterland

Discover the natural delights of the Gold Coast HinterlandThe Gold Coast Hinterland is possibly of the most impressive destinations for nature lovers in all of Queensland, with incredible landscapes and truly exceptional natural wonders.

You can enjoy the beauty and calm of this peaceful destination, with national parks that have many amazing nature walks and trails to help you fully discover their charm.

With remote mountain villages perched along the scenic valleys, vineyards and wineries, as well as the unique rainforest which is teeming with wildlife, the hinterland provides infinite possibilities for a perfect natural escape.

Tamborine Mountain
One of the first areas you may want to visit is Tamborine Mountain, part of the third oldest national park in the world. Part of the of the massive Tweed Volcano, this mountain ridge rises to just above 500 meters and is protected inside the Tamborine National Park, an extraordinary natural area, with no less than 14 reserves covered by forests, with scenic villages and picturesque gorges, waterfalls and cliffs.

Among the attractions of the national park, the Witches Falls is truly inspiring, with several trails leading to the waterfall through the dense forest. Other areas of interest include Palm Grove with its forest circuit, Joalah with the Curtis Falls Walk and Joalah Circuit, The Knoll with the Cameron Falls Circuit, MacDonald Park, Cedar Creek and Niches Corner.

Other attractions include the exciting Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk and Treetop Walkway, several excellent wineries, the award winning Tamborine Mountain Distillery, and numerous other trails, circuits and adventure parks.

Springbrook National Park
Equally inspiring and impressive, Springbrook National Park is located along the McPherson Range of the Gold Coast Hinterland and features some amazing attractions. The park is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gondwana Rainforests of Australia and part of the Scenic Rim.

The Springbrook National Park is home to some breathtaking sights, with the ancient Antarctic beech trees, the rich native wildlife, the unique lookouts, the splendid waterfalls and the famous Natural Bridge being the highlights.

This Natural Bridge is an exceptional attraction, with a waterfall passing through the ceiling of a cave and uniting with the river within, forming an unforgettable sight. The Springbrook Plateau features a great deal of waterfalls, including the beautiful Twin Falls, Rainbow Falls, Goomoolahra Falls, Purlingbrook Falls, Tanninaba Falls and many others.

The Numinbah Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the region, with waterfalls, rainforest walks, grazing lands, rocky cliffs and several heritage sites. Mount Cougal is the fourth section of the Springbrook Park and features two twin peaks and the great Cougal’s Cascade.

Lamington National Park
The third national park of the hinterland is the Lamington National Park, located on the Lamington Plateau of the McPherson Range. This area presents a multitude of amazing natural attractions, with some of the richest vegetation and wildlife in the region.

Home to an overwhelming 160 km of walking tracks, the Lamington National Park consists of two main sections, the Green Mountains and the Binna Burra. Also part of the massive ancient Tweed Volcano, this plateau features exceptional views and discovery walks, with waterfalls, caves, creeks, rainforests, wildflowers, ancient Antarctic beech trees, unique and varied wildlife and many more attractions.

Hinterland Walks
This is a great place to go bushwalking, as there are over 150 km of carefully planned scenic walks, linking the best attractions of the national parks and offering unforgettable views.

The magnificent Border Track follows the ridge of the McPherson Range, along the border of Queensland and New South Wales, with a length of 23 km presenting charming views. The Tree Top Walk is a delight for those in search of excitement, offering a walk through the canopy of the forest, suspended at about 15 meters.

Other walks include the Box Forest Circuit, Toolona Creek Circuit, Albert River Circuit and many other shorter trails.

One of the best experiences of the Gold Coast Hinterland is the Great Walk, an excellent trail of about 54 km linking Lamington and Springbrook national parks. This walk can be achieved in 3 days and the adventurous discover the rim of the ancient Tweed Volcano, passing beautiful waterfalls, exotic rainforest, lush flora and native fauna.