Justin Lane Pizzeria and Bar

Justin Lane Pizzeria and Bar in Burleigh Heads is where the hipsters go for pizza and drinks on the Gold Coast
It’s fair to say that since opening in 2011, Justin Lane Pizzeria and Bar has gone on to be a tremendous success.

Perhaps part of it’s appeal is it’s laneway kind of vibe and stylish minimal decor: it has a bit of a inner-city Melbourne feel. But what people really come for is the pizza…

In a few short years, this place has developed a reputation for serving some of the best pizza on the Gold Coast. So much so, that the place can get insanely busy. Very, very popular, especially with the under-30s crowd.

Don’t expect the waltz straight in: you will find the entrance roped off like a nightclub, and you’ll be advised on availability.

Downstairs is the bar area, where you can wait for a table if you don’t have a booking – and bookings are only possible for groups of six or more.

The main dining area is upstairs, which provides seating at long tables that will accommodate various separate groups at once. As mentioned, it gets very busy and quite loud.

The pizzas are great. Really. Some interesting – and delicious – combinations like smoked pork belly with pear make it hard to choose. The “Banquet Menu” give groups the option to sample and share various different pizzas and sides – which can be fun.

Well, we say “option” but here’s where things get a bit weird. Groups of nine or more are actually “required” to order from the Banquet Menu. Obviously, the restaurant has a right to operate as it sees fit. But we think it’s an error in policy.

As you might expect in such a busy environment, service can sometimes be a little chaotic as staff try to take care of so many diners at once. On the whole we have found it to be friendly and pretty efficient, but we can’t help but feel that to some degree Justin Lane has become a victim of it’s own success.

One of the most hyped restaurants on the Gold Coast, it’s THE place to get pizza. It’s popularity has it’s downside however, so the the dining experience can – on occasion – suffer. Still, we think you should probably give it a try. Justin Lane Pizzeria and Bar is located at 1708-1710 Gold Coast Highway in Burleigh Heads. Telephone (07) 5576 8517

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