Learn to Surf

Gold Coast surf lessonsWhat better place to learn to surf than the Gold Coast? There are plenty of places that offer surf lessons and beginners are always welcome, so read on to find out why you should give it a go.

Surfing is amazing fun, and the surf schools on the Gold Coast are used to teaching people of all abilities and ages. Some have even given lessons to customers well in their seventies! If you’ve ever enjoyed watching surfers out on the waves, now’s the time to learn for yourself!

Group Lessons
Most surf schools will offer group lessons for a maximum of six to eight people: this means that the instructor will have the time to pay attention to each member of the group. It’s also possible to book private tuition, but it’s certainly not necessary. Group lessons are usually 90 minutes to two hours in duration.

What’s Included
Obviously this will vary from company to company, but usually included in the price of your lesson will be the hire of your surfboard (this will often be a softboard – ideal for beginners) and wetsuit/rash guard. Confirm this before you make a booking. Some also include free sunscreen: if yours doesn’t, don’t forget to bring your own.

What to Expect
Fun. Seriously, although people learn at different speeds, it’s always a fun thing to do. Some schools even offer a guarantee that you will learn to stand and surf on the very first lesson. If you are really keen to gain some more advanced skills you will probably need three or more lessons. Many surf schools offer packages of five lessons at a discounted rate.

What Does it Cost?
Again, this does vary from company but you are generally looking at $50 to $60 for a single group lesson. Usually the five lesson packages can be found for around $200 or so. Private lessons tend to vary a bit more, but for one person you are looking at anywhere from $100 to $150. Private lessons as a group or family work out less per person.

So don’t put it off any longer: learn to ride the waves today!