The Envy Hotel

The main bar at The Envy Hotel in Broadbeach

Spread out over four levels in the heart of Broadbeach, The Envy Hotel is home to a busy bar, an affordably-priced bistro, a swish lounge, a sports bar, gaming area and a nightclub. It’s furnished and decorated in a very contemporary fashion and caters to quite a mixed crowd.

The Bar

The main bar is located on the ground floor and opens up into the street. Considering how nicely done out the place is and the location, the price of drinks is very reasonable.

It can get busy – especially at the weekend – but it’s a very enjoyable place to enjoy a few drinks. As you might expect, there are some fairly big TVs on the walls so you can catch the footy, rugby or other events.

The Lounge

Just upstairs from the main bar is the lounge: as the name suggests, it’s a bit more laid back up here. The lighting and decor is more subdued and the cosy sofa chairs make it the ideal place to unwind

The Bistro

Located on the top level of The Envy Hotel, the bistro offers some of the best value meals in Broadbeach. While the menu isn’t huge, it has a great selection of burgers plus favourites like fish & chips, steak and parmigiana. There are a couple of kid’s meals on the menu, but disappointingly the vegetarian options are few.

There is also a different special each day that can make the place a bit of a bargain. You can check the current menu and prices by following the link further down this page.

The Nightclub

At the weekends after all the dining in the bistro is over, the area converts into a nightclub. Now while that may sound a bit unimpressive, it actually works very well.

It may not quite rival other clubs in town like East, but it’s still a pretty good place to party. The music is a bit of a mixture: nothing cutting-edge, but a step up from some of the cheesier venues you may encounter in Surfers Paradise.


If you are looking for good pub-type meal at a decent price or even just a drink or two, this place is one of your better options in Broadbeach. Like many of the popular venues it can get busy, but being spaced out over four floors means you should find somewhere you can enjoy your evening or afternoon. Definitely worth a visit.

The Envy Hotel is located in the Niecon Tower, Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach. Telephone 07 5527 5377

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