Upcoming shows: Caitlin Harnett & Josh Rennie-Hynes

Josh Rennie-Hynes, Caitlin Harnett and Liam Gerner bring their "No Other Tour" to the Gold Coast with a gig at Currumbin Creek Tavern on Friday March 13th 2015

From left to right: Josh Rennie-Hynes, Caitlin Harnett and Liam Gerner

The “No Other Tour” hits the Gold Coast this Friday with a show at Currumbin Creek Tavern. This tour features three headline acts: Josh Rennie-Hynes, Caitlin Harnett and Liam Gerner. You may have already read our recent chat with Liam in this post, and we managed to catch up with Caitlin and Josh too to find out a bit more about their work.

First of all, thanks for taking the time to do this. For any of our readers who haven’t heard your music before, how long have you been playing and how would you describe your sound?

Caitlin – I’ve been singing and writing songs for as long as I can remember; since I learnt how to talk. I am influenced by a lot of 60’s, laurel canyon style folk music and I think that reflects in my recordings.

Josh – I’ve been playing and singing since I was a kid; I got into drumming more so throughout my teens. In my early teens I sang in a 9 piece Christian ska band, but that’s for another time. Then about six years ago I was living in Canada, I picked up the guitar and started writing songs. My sound would be somewhere in the Americana/folk/singer-songwriter world.

Which bands or solo artists would you say have influenced you the most?

Caitlin – Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne.

Josh – Hard to say. Definitely Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen in recent years. I grew up with parents who listened to all the classics – The Beatles, Beach boys, Hank Williams etc etc. It all gets thrown into the pot.

First of all, Caitlin, I wanted to ask you if you could tell us something about your debut album The “River Runs North”.

Caitlin – I went over to Canada to record with Dave Draves and Jim Bryson. Dave had produced my favourite Kathleen Edwards record ‘Failer’ and Jim plays guitar for her. We recorded everything live to tape with a bunch of Ottawa-based musicians and Kathleen even came in and plays fiddle and sings on one of the tracks; ‘Bad Man’. It was a very surreal and special experience for me and has really cemented my love for Canada.

And Josh, you also released your debut album – “February” – last year, how did that come about?

Josh – I recorded my debut album, ‘February’ on the central coast of NSW with Shane Nicholson. He’s an artist who’s body of work I respect a lot. We basically holed up in his studio (Sound hole studios) for a month and got it done. He’s a great musician/producer, and together we made something that I’m really proud of.

You’ve both played a lot of live shows over the years, could you share any stand-out moments with us?

Caitlin – I have had a lot of wonderful experiences but at the top of my brain right now it would have to be playing with my band at my record launch. I can’t describe the feeling but it’s rare and very special and left me on a high for weeks!

Josh – For me it’s combination of the whole thing. Travelling, new experiences, new people, new venues, new fans, I feel incredibly fucking blessed to be living this life. I did a full length tour of New Zealand at the end of 2014 and that was special too. Collaborating with other songwriters. The list goes on.

What plans do you have for when the “No Other Tour” is over?

Caitlin – I am heading back to Canada to play at Canadian Music Week, then back home to work on songs for my new record, head to Europe for a few months and then hopefully back to Canada for record number two by the end of the year.

Josh – Writing, then writing some more. I’ll be stepping back into the studio for album number 2 mid to late 2015. Just working out the details for that now. Another full-length New zealand tour in June. North America for some touring this year too. Busy!

You can catch Caitlin Harnett, Josh Rennie-Hynes and Liam Gerner live at Currumbin Creek Tavern this Friday March 13th. Tickets for the show are just just $11.25 including fees via Oztix. For more info on these artists, please check out Josh’s site and Caitlin’s site.


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