Von Villains “Losing My Mind”

Gold Coast band Von Villains

Gold Coast band Von Villains (Jack Field, Lewi Hart, Anthony Vallone and Ben Staggare) have just released a new single. We recently got the chance to speak with band members Jack and Anthony…

For anyone who hasn’t seen Von Villains, can you tell us a bit about who you are?
Anthony: We are four social assassins that come from four different musical backgrounds to try and stoke each other out on new music. We are all actually old people trapped in youngish people’s bodies. We play chess and drink tea and playing our instruments is our gym. I guess what we don’t like is the male gym/fight mentality on the Gold Coast. It’s really antisocial when there are groups of dominant dudes trying to get attention. But it happens everywhere, so I digress.

You guys have just released the single “Losing My Mind”. Where did you record it and what’s it all about?
Anthony: ‘Losing My Mind’ was recorded at Blind Boy Studios, engineered and mixed by the illustrious and very cute Brad Hosking. We prefer to record the bass and drums live to a click and then layer on top of that to get it as “live” sounding as possible. Funnily enough, we wrote this one with electronic sonic imagery in mind. The “breakdown” is kind of our version of electronic drum and bass.

The Gold Coast has a pretty healthy music scene considering some of the local council issues: what if anything do you think can be done to improve things?
Anthony: The Coast has really picked up again after the Hard Rock Days died. We would like to see more venues of different varieties. But also with the lock out laws coming into effect in the near future, small local creative entities are what will help the scene continue to push out the vast variety of music we have here!

What can we expect to see from Von Villains in the future?
Anthony: We have a few more tracks in the works, and are also organizing a tour as we speak. But mainly we are just trying to keep our singer Jack out of jail.

We are in the process of setting up an interview with another Gold Coast band: Yes Sir Nocuer. I understand that you are familiar with them? 
Jack: Yes Sir Nocuer are great. It takes a lot for a band to ask another band to write a song for them and, to be honest, we were happy to do it for them. We hope their new single ‘Luna’ goes really well as we also put a lot of effort in to it. Only joking that was one of our reject songs that we said they could have. However they were super grateful.


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