Fade In Mona Lisa play at Sounds of Sunday at Broadbeach Tavern on January 4th 2015

Sounds of Sunday at the Broadbeach Tavern Liars Bar started up just over a year ago and has been a great success – with it’s mix of live bands and DJs it’s a very popular Sunday night out. Coming up on January 4th, Sydney psychedelic-rock band Fade In Mona Lisa will be on the bill, making their Gold Coast live debut. We recently got a chance to chat with Tim and Liam from the band: you can check out what they had to say below…

As this will be your first gig on the Gold Coast, can you tell us who is in Fade In Mona Lisa and what they do?
Tim is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Liam is the lead guitarist. James is the bass player, and we have Nick on drums.

For how long have you guys been playing?
Fade In Mona Lisa started out early this year, we had our first gig in Sydney in February 2014.

How would you describe the band’s sound?
Imagine if Van Morrison took acid, watched a Tarantino film and then went for a swim…

Which bands would you say have had the biggest influence on you?
We all grew up listening to 60’s rock ’n’ roll music like Zeppelin and Hendrix, but have recently been digging more contemporary music like Mac Demarco, Moses Gunn Collective and other indie psych gems.

Can you tell us a bit about your single “Green Carnations”?
We recorded “Green Carnations” along with a bunch of our first ever songs live in Tim’s parents house, nestled deep in the beautiful hills of Kurrajong. We had our friend Dave Bleus bring all his gear up, and turned the whole house into a studio for a week, and then took it to be mastered by Dave Petrovic at Electric Sun Studios. The song has an apparent acid western feel to it from our love of surf and garage rock and Tarantino soundtracks.

Which of your gigs to date has been your favourite, and why?
After having won Macquarie Uni’s battle of the bands, we were offered a spot on the bill for their annual Conception Day Festival. We were ecstatic to play alongside with The Preatures, Art VS Science, Kingswood, Hermitude and other hip cats. The best part was hanging back stage with all these bands where we got our first ever rider with sandwiches and a bottle of vodka; suffice to say we got Insanely drunk.

You’re playing a show at Sounds of Sunday in Broadbeach in January and also the northern Byron Bay – have you played in this part of the country before and if so how does it compare to playing in Sydney?
We’re so excited to play the gold coast having played Brisbane at Rics Bar and being avid tourists of the Gold Coast and Queensland alike. We’re all in love with the beach culture of GC and we think that Gold Coast will love us too. It’s gonna be a gas. We are super excited to play in Byron too as we haven’t played there before so strap on the belts ladies and gents!!!!!

What can we expect to see from Fade In Mona Lisa the future?
We’re dropping our first single early 2015 and we’re planning a tour off the back of that, hoping to end up in some cool places, like the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and hopefully as much of this beautiful country that will allow us to share our music with them. We are also very excited to support Art of Sleeping on their single tour in late January that will be epic!!!!

You can check out the band’s profile on Triple J Unearthed.


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