Gold Coast Gig Guide: Live Music & Nightclubs

The Rods and Rockabilly Festival is on this Saturday at the Miami Tavern. It features live music from Dezzie D & The Stingrayz and P.C. & The Yee-haws plus a car show, market stalls, pinup pageant a “lowbrow art show” and more. Entry is free and it starts at midday: more info here.

Sunset City launch their debut EP “Neon” at the End of Summer Party taking place at Surfers Paradise Beergarden this Sunday. Also on the bill are The High Grade, Kimmy Crew, DJ Brett Allen and more. This free event will also have competitions and giveaways, and it all starts at 3pm. More here.

Nowhere Else also launch their debut EP this weekend (Saturday) at Boardriders in Coolangatta. This free event also features The Moonlight Society and starts at 7pm. You can check out the video to the EP’s lead single “Content in the Dark” here.

Lastly, Billy F. Gibbons from ZZ Top plays an Up Close and Personal show at the Arts Centre Paradise Showroom this Saturday. Tickets are $65: more details here.

Friday February 19th

Live Music
Hailey Calvert (5pm – 9pm): Atrium Bar
Paul Atkins (6.30pm): The Avenue
Kahn Harrison (7pm): Boardriders Coolangatta
Tommy Memphis (7.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Andrew Taylor: Burleigh Heads Hotel
Michael Eotvos (6.30pm – 9.30pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Jason Delphin (6pm): Chinderah Tavern
Chris Bent: Club Talle Palm Beach
Rab Wylie (5pm) + Bootleg Rascals (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Smashed Crabs (8.30pm): Coolangatta Sands Hotel
Caught in the Act (8pm): CSi Southport
Eternalist, Afterlight, Condemned To Atrophy, Alerion + Oceans To Geneva ($10): Currumbin Creek Tavern
Kaffene (7pm): Currumbin RSL
Ethan Smaling (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
Regan Sharp (7.30pm): First Avenue Tavern
Sarah Frank (6.30pm): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
Galapagos Duck ($23/28): Gold Coast Jazz & Blues Club at The Arts Centre
The Triple J’s: The Grand Hotel Labrador
Benny D Williams (8pm – 11pm): Hard Rock Cafe
Jason McGregor + Russ Walker (8.30pm): J Bar
Cory Hargreaves (9pm): Kitty O’Shea’s Surfers Paradise
Tony McGuiness: Lansdowne Road Irish Pub
Brother Norton + Zed Butel ($10): The Loft Chevron Island
Siobhan Corcoran (7pm): Mandala Organic Arts Cafe
The Lyrical: Miami Marketta
Tru Crush (6.30pm): Nerang Bowls Club
Ella Fence + Ivori ($3): NightQuarter
Kenny Slide (6pm – 9pm): Pacific Fair – The Patio
Jason Kafoa (7.15pm): The Pottsville Tavern
Rick Barron (8.30pm): Saltbar Kingscliff
Taylor Moss (5pm – 8pm): SkyPoint Q1
The Jive Cats (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Late For Woodstock (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Wayne Foster (7pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Nicky Convine + Marshall O’Kell (5pm): Summertime Sessions Mudgeeraba
Holly Major (7pm): Tugun Surf Club
Alex Peden (11.30am) + Sue Reid Band (7.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
The Shuffle Boys + Big Shots Duelling Pianos: Twin Towns
Sun Records Allstars ($45): Twin Towns Showroom
Hans-Solo (5.30pm): Ultra Lounge Bar
White Noise: Wallaby Hotel Mudgeeraba
Nyssa Berger (8pm): Walrus Social House

Magic City Gold Coast: Club Boutique
Back to the 80’s & 90’s: East Broadbeach
Holy Ghost, Audun, Giv + Grivs: Elsewhere Bar
Hip Hop/R&B Night with Chaser + Sash: Icon Coolangatta
Locals Night with Vass + Spooner: Komune Coolangatta
Lifestyles of the Rich: Love Nightlife
Marlo, Xactlythis, Taglo + Lacky: Platinum
MOS Clubber’s Guide 2016 with Kyro + A-Tonez: Shooters
Tom Starks: SinCity
Jake Carmody: Vanity

Saturday February 20th

Live Music
Billy F. Gibbons ($65): Arts Centre Paradise Showroom
Chris Hutchison (5pm – 9pm): Atrium Bar
Cory Hargreaves (6.30pm): The Avenue
Nowhere Else EP Launch (see top): Boardriders Coolangatta
Forrest Crump (7pm): Burleigh Bears
Christian Argenti: Burleigh Heads Hotel
Jacob Lee (3pm): Cafe Catalina
Dana Hassall (6.30pm – 9.30pm): Chevron Renaissance Piazza
Gregg Peterson (6pm): Chinderah Tavern
Matt TD (5pm) + Pin Up Girls (10pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Eureka Funk (8.30pm): Coolangatta Sands Hotel
Darrin Leigh (4pm) + Simply Three (8pm): CSi Southport
SoulCutz (2.30pm): Currumbin RSL
Ella Fence (2.30pm): Currumbin RSL Deck Acoustics
Liza Jane (5.30pm): Dbar Coolangatta
Pash (4pm): Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Wazza (6.30pm): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
The Accidents: The Grand Hotel Labrador
The Irish Sessions (6.30pm): Harrigan’s Drift Inn Jacobs Well
Growler (2pm – 6pm): House Of Brews
Soul Stripes (8.30pm): Institution Ale House
Michael Eotvos + Blake Miles (8.30pm): J Bar
Regan Sharp (9pm): Kitty O’Shea’s Surfers Paradise
Tyson Faulkner: Lansdowne Road Irish Pub
Neem, Indigo Parade + Young Pros (7.30pm): Lonestar Tavern
Benny D Williams (7pm – 11pm): Merrimac Tavern
Zambabem: Miami Marketta
Rods and Rockabilly Festival (see top): Miami Tavern
Tracey Vaughan (5.30pm): Nerang Bowls Club
Nicole Parker-Brown & The Late Late Show, Sarah Frank + The Weather Men ($3): NightQuarter
Brad Palmer (6pm – 9pm): Pacific Fair – The Patio
Nicky Convine (7pm – 10pm): SkyPoint Q1
Gemini Duo (7.30pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Viva Coldplay Tribute (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Jo Miguel (7pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
The Rob Tony Les Trio (7.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Russell Sprout, Bagman + Pieter Kruger Band: Twin Towns

Aerial Cirque with Steve Frank + J-Mixx: East
Giv + Latour: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Play House + McGill: Icon Coolangatta
Summer Nights: Love Nightlife
Ibiza Lounge Bar (3pm – 9pm): Orchid Lounge & Bar
Brooklyn, DJ Flash + J-Muz: Platinum
Brokabilly, Fletcher, Mattia Musella + more: Rattlesnake Motel Coolangatta
Super Club: Shooters
DJ Owe: SinCity
Jake Carmody + Jesse Boyle: Vanity

Sunday February 21st

Live Music
Pinksta & Swaussy Fire (1pm): Advancetown Hotel
Stevenson Street (9.30pm): The Avenue
Amanda King (5pm): Bine Bar & Dining Nobby Beach
Bootleg Rascal, Lepers & Crooks + Benny D Williams (6pm): Broadbeach Tavern
Gemini (2.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Simon Meola: Burleigh Heads Hotel
The Milk Men (2.30pm): Chinderah Tavern
Viper Room: Club Talle Palm Beach
The Once (3pm) + Remedy Duo (5.30pm): Coolangatta Hotel
Jason Kafoa (4pm): Coolangatta Sands Hotel
Inder (1pm): CSi Southport
Bootleg Flyers (4pm): Currumbin Beach Vikings Surf Club
Bigfellalinc (2pm – 6pm): Envy Hotel
Gypsy Duo (1pm): Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Nyssa Berger (2pm – 6pm): Garden Kitchen & Bar Jupiters
Sean Fitzgerald (10.30am): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
Moon Ranch: The Grand Hotel Labrador
The Accidents (1.30pm): Harrigan’s Drift Inn Jacobs Well
Dan Hill (2pm – 6pm): House Of Brews
Hans-Solo (3pm): Institution Ale House
Bigfellalinc (8pm – 11pm): Kitty O’Shea’s
MLC (3pm): Labrador AFL Club
Eilish Ellen (6pm – 9pm): Pacific Fair – The Patio
Nicky Convine Duo (2pm): Palm Beach Surf Club
Jock Barnes (2.30pm): The Pottsville Tavern
Open Mic Session (1pm – 5pm): Saltwater Creek Hotel
CC The Cat (3pm – 6pm): SkyPoint Q1
Bone Lazy Duo (1pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Josh Boyd (1pm): Southport Sharks Cabana
End of Summer Party with Sunset City, The High Grade + more (see top): Surfers Paradise Beergarden
Polar Bears (2.30pm): Tugun Surf Club
Simone Cutting (5.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Martin Way, Tony McGuinness, Lonewolf + Pieter Kruger Band: Twin Towns
Ondre Solien, Micka Scene + Pacha Mamma (8.30am): Village Markets Burleigh

Sweet House Sundays with Fletcher Kirkman + LP: Club Boutique
Royale with Jimmy D + Stretch: Elsewhere Bar
Sunset Sounds: Fishbowl Bar Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern
Play: Shooters
Sunday Session with Brett Allen: Surfers Paradise Beergarden
The Sunday Sesh: Vanity

Monday February 22nd

Live Music
Agent 77 (9.30pm): The Avenue
Amanda King (8pm): Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
Jake Fox (6pm – 9pm): Pacific Fair – The Patio
Craig Shaw (11am – 2pm): Southport RSL Palm Lounge
Lloyd Saniel (6pm): Southport Sharks
Jeff Camilleri (4pm): Twin Towns

Industry Night: SinCity

Tuesday February 23rd

Live Music
Undercover (7pm): Atrium Bar
Vertigo (9.30pm): The Avenue
Julie Hayes (6pm – 9pm): Pacific Fair – The Patio
Voice & Congas Jam (7.30pm): Southport Sharks
Smokin’ Crawdads (7.30pm): Twin Towns
Helen Zerefos & Ross Maio ($5/10/15) 10.30am: Twin Towns Showroom
Nicky Convine Duo (7pm): Waxy’s Irish Pub

Ladies Night: SinCity

Wednesday February 24th

Live Music
Tuffy (7pm): Atrium Bar
Hanlon Brothers (9.30pm): The Avenue
Salt and Steele (6pm – 9pm): Pacific Fair – The Patio
Joe Phillips (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robin
Tommy Memphis, PPR Express + Chi Chi: Twin Towns

Vegas Style Wednesdays: SinCity
Urban Sounds with Karavini: Surfers Paradise Beergarden
Hump Day Party: Vanity

Thursday February 25th

Live Music
Geed Up (7pm): Atrium Bar
Agent 77 (9.30pm): The Avenue
Scott Whatman (5.30pm): Burleigh Bears
Stephen Lovelight (6pm): Chinderah Tavern
Roy Morris (midday) + Tommy Memphis (6pm):: CSi Southport
Sarah Frank (6.30pm): Genki Cafe Palm Beach
Lucy Gallant (6pm – 9pm): Pacific Fair – The Patio
Zookeepers (8.30pm): Southport Sharks
Frazer Goodman & Loch Easton (6.30pm): Spaghetti and Jazz Robina
Jam & Open Mic Night (7pm): Town and Country Motel Nerang
Swizzle (6.30pm): Tweed Head Bowls Club
Wayne Vitali (4pm): Twin Towns

Bump ‘n’ Grind: Club Boutique Surfers Paradise
Cadillac Thursdays with Steve Frank + XY: East Broadbeach
Lay of the Land: Elsewhere Bar
Toga Party with Feenixpawl: Parkwood Tavern
Flirt Thursdays with Mister P: Shooters
R&B Night: SinCity
Brett Allen + James Todman: Surfers Paradise Beergarden
Uni Night: Vanity

Please confirm details with the venues before heading out as line-ups and times are subject to change. For venue phone numbers and addresses please visit this page.


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