Interview with Ryan from Gold Coast band Kip Casper

We recently got a chance to talk to Gold Coast band Kip Casper’s bass player Ryan: you can catch them live at Currumbin Creek Tavern this Friday (December 5th), when they play a show with The Elliotts, Paging Jimi and Julie Hayes.

Ryan, can you tell us about who is in the band and what they play?
Up until recently we were a 5 piece band but now we have gone back down to 4. We have Michael on Guitar, Adrian on Drums, Mario on Vocals and I play bass.

How long has the band been around?
This band formed out of the ashes of a few other bands but Kip Casper itself has been going since January 2013

How would you describe Kip Casper’s sound?
Its a culmination of the different music personalities in the band, to generalise I’d say musically we are rock band but our singer Mario brings elements of Soul and Pop which seem to blend well with what we do.

Which bands would you say have had an influence on the band?
There are so many we have taken influence from but I guess the more obvious ones that come through are bands from the 90s like Incubus, Faith No More and No Doubt.

Being a Gold Coast band, what are your thoughts on the local live music scene?
I have become quite entrenched in the local music scene over the last few years from running a recording studio and working in one of the main venues, I’ve found that the Gold Coast has a wealth of great bands and musicians around but despite the large talent pool whats lacking tends to be enough venues for musicians to showcase their music. State Liqour licensing laws and local council legislation has made it harder for venues to operate properly but I see a shift coming where that will change.

Have there been any gigs you have played that you have particularly enjoyed?
Every now and then we have some friends who put on a mini festival in the Gold Coast hinterland where they typically have about 10 bands and a few hundred people show up and camp and have a massive bonfire. Its always an amazing atmosphere and a good mix of people.

Can you tell us what releases you have available?
We released our debut EP “The Light In Your Eyes” at the start of the year. We plan to get into the studio early in the new year so hopefully we will release some new music by mid next year.

You have a gig coming up this Friday (December 5th) at Currumbin Creek Tavern to promote the new film clip for “Outta Your Head”. Can you tell us a bit about the making of the clip?
Yeah we are releasing a film clip for our song “Outta Your Head” this week. We used a local filmmaker Scott Dickson, we went to him with a basic idea and he wrote the script and then filmed and directed it. The main character Calvin was played by local actor Issac Moody and the clip also features one of our mates Scott from the band Paging Jimi. We are pretty happy with how it turned out so we are pretty excited to be releasing it.


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